Minimal and Timeless Clothing

Saving the Earth from Your Closet

One day, you decide to pursue your childhood dream - to change the world. You venture out of your home. What is the least amount of things you need? What would you pick up from your wardrobe? 

Leaves you thinking, doesn't it? The idea of changing the world, not selecting your clothes!

Still, how would you dress once you're a nomad? You would definitely have to live with the bare minimum, just enough. You can keep wishing for a billion balloons to make your house go everywhere with you. But it's not 'Up.'

Well, good thing you're reading this!

A planned wardrobe with handpicked, versatile, and timeless clothes speaks of a minimal lifestyle. To be honest, changing the world doesn't require you to leave the comfort of your home. You can do it right where you are by living consciously.
Yes, it's work from home!

First, we need to get rid of the paradox of choice - the constant rant about not having anything to wear, even when your wardrobe is flooded with clothes. So you go out and buy more. Stop right there! You don't wanna make things worse by adding to your clutter of picks. Instead, dump your clothes on the bed and start sorting.  

Revamping your closet into a minimalist wardrobe can be scary, but it's sure to make you, AND your mom, happy.

Do it like you plan your shoes - a single pair for several outfits.

Similarly, keep the clothes that you can wear multiple times, in different ways. Get rid of the fancy ones, with loud prints or cuts. Do the same with bottoms. You don't want to get noticed.

A mantra - 'The pieces which you can wear at least 30 times are keepers.' Quality over Quantity, always.

Even when you're adding to your wardrobe, ask yourself, "Am I really going to wear it to it's worth?" This way, you'll always buy right and get the value for your money.

You have to stop running after trends because there's always something you're gonna miss out on. It is easy to fall for, but it's transient. Help yourself and buy clothes that are timeless, vintage, and never go out of style. Fancy cuts and frills can only be worn so much.  

Choose simple shapes and silhouettes. Something like a box fit top that can be styled with multiple bottoms. Pick tops that are versatile and can be rocked in more than one way.

Timeless clothing can help you dress 10 times quicker.

You just have to mix and match. Maybe add an accessory, and you're good to go.

Buying timeless and minimal clothing, and living an environmentally conscious lifestyle can be challenging at first. It may even seem like you're compromising on your style. But, all you have to do is, integrate your style into it. Sprinkle it.

Blacks and whites are not the only choices out there, although some of us wish they were. You can splash some color and slay it your way.

Even though you can wear a single shirt in many ways, there can't be infinite combinations.

Don't be afraid to repeat your outfits.

After all, you've got a washing machine! Timeless clothes can give you an edge, though. You can easily get away unnoticed, like a shadow in the dark.

Saving the environment and the world isn't so complicated. It starts with you. Once you instill this fashion sense, you might actually pass your clothes on to your children.

Life is too short to be wasted in choosing what to wear.