Our Fit Guarantee

Get a Free Remake if Fit isn't Perfect.

Shop Risk-Free at SeamsFriendly, with Free Alterations or Remakes until you're completely satisfied. You have our Fit Guarantee!

97% of our Customers get the Perfect Fit in their First Order.
However, in case of an issue, our highly experienced pattern makers, with your input, will create the Perfect Fit for you through a free remake (with Free Shipping Worldwide).

Try us. We promise to get you the Best Fit you've ever had.

How do I get a Free Remake?

When you receive your order, Try it on and follow these steps.

1. Tell us about the Fit

If the Fit doesn't feel right, we will remake it.
Email us at hello@seamsfriendly.com & share your feedback. If possible, please include photographs of you wearing the garment.

2. Get your Free Remake

Once we receive your returned misfit garment, along with photos and/or details of the fit issue(s), we'll remake your order and send the new version within 2 weeks!
That's how we ‘Make Good’ on our promise.

3. Custom-Fit, take two

If our 'make-good' version is still not right (which we believe is very unlikely), we'll do it over again!
Take new photos of you wearing the remade garment and/or share details on the issue. You know the drill.

Our Customers love their Custom Fit.

"Fits like a dream. Feels like a dream. I have never owned such fantastic fitting clothes before SeamsFriendly. Can’t stop raving about these. Thank you, SeamsFriendly!”

"I am a short pear-shaped woman, and this is the best-fitting dress I have ever owned! The dress arrived very fast...7 days after I placed my order! And the pricing is so affordable. I will definitely order from SeamsFriendly again.”

But if they don't, we Remake it for Free.

"My remade dress was absolutely perfect, and I love how it fits me now!”

" I received my remade dress yesterday, and it fits perfectly. Thank you so much, SeamsFriendly. I appreciate it, and I will send the old dress back ASAP.”

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