7 Women Promoting Sustainable Fashion

Content Creators we should know and follow.

When we think about sustainability, we connect it to veganism, reusable straws, bottles, and bamboo toothbrushes. The common belief is sustainability and fashion together result in something that is dull and lacks luster. 

What comes to your mind when you hear sustainable fashion? A boring grey cotton dress that peasants wore during the 1600s?


But it is not. Slow and responsible fashion can be glamorous, enchanting, and mesmerizing. From Stella McCartney to SeamsFriendly, there are so many people and brands who are testimony to this.

How does one even adopt a healthy lifestyle? Where does one find the inspiration and knowledge to begin this journey?

The best place to start is Instagram. It is full of content creators promoting slow fashion and imparting simple suggestions to start a life that we should've started yesterday. They work as the perfect inspiration to embrace slow fashion.


Sustainability vlogger Shelbizleee has a mantra that we all should live by. She believes, "You cannot do all the good that the world needs, but the world needs all the good that you can do." Through her platform, she aims to impart the knowledge necessary to make sustainable lifestyle an attainable goal, for everyone. Shelbizleee makes you feel that you can make a difference.

P.S. You can see her talking about us at 7:04

 Elena Taber

Elena Taber is a New York based Vlogger who talks about everything from travel to health along with sustainable fashion and thrifting. She is a big believer of ‘ethical living’ and quite often shares tips and tricks from her personal routine to inspire people to take steps towards a more conscious life.

Nika Erculj

Nika is a 20-year-old content creator from Slovenia. She follows the slow fashion movement religiously. Nika supports the idea "mental health is primary" and believes that a slow-paced lifestyle and mental health are interconnected. She is in the process of writing a book, and has the perfect "girl next door" Instagram account.

Sarah Therese

Sarah Therese is a mother of 3 with incredible energy. She is a lifestyle YouTuber and Instagrammer, leading a fascinating way of life. Every single thing in her house is reusable, recyclable, or just eco-friendly. She believes in the idea of ethical shopping and sustainable living. Plus, she looks like a Rockstar out on grocery runs with her children.

Aileen Xu 

Aileen is a 28-year old musician and actor from California. A part of the influencer clan, she is a fierce supporter of art and waste management. The 5 Rs of waste management are an integral part of her healthy living. Her Instagram is full of aesthetic, curated pictures. She totally puts the "Sustainability is Hard" phrase to shame. Even if it is, it is definitely worth a try.

Justine Leconte

Justine Leconte is a fashion designer from France, currently living in Berlin. She's an alumnus of the Parsons School of Design, New York. Her Instagram is her mood board, and you can find endless inspiration there. 

She is a proud supporter of ethical design in fashion. Her collections (more like projects) don't come out in advance; she makes eco-friendly clothes for the season, in the season. This helps reduce waste and unnecessary costs. She only works with ethical factories that are easy to learn about with a Google search.

Candice Tay

Candice Tay can give you daily women's outfit inspiration, and educate you at the same time. She is a 'Slow-Living' and 'Ethical Fashion' blogger from Canada.

She humbly states that adopting a healthy and balanced lifestyle is a process of trial and error. Try and try, and then try some more.


Following these people or other people with the same ethos will not magically change us all into tree-hugging vegans. They are not perfect, and they don't claim to be because that just isn't possible. But what is possible - is to try and lead a sustainable lifestyle, understand the co-dependent relationship we have with nature, live a balanced and healthy life.

We are all in this together.