4 Organizations working for the better

People Taking Charge.

With the increasing amount of trash on the streets, pollution in the air, and devastating news on the television, it is time for some rehab.

The idea of changing the world seems like walking through fire, barefoot. It's not.

One step at a time takes us closer, and closer, and closer to the destination. Few people have decided to run so that we can walk and live.

These people haven't sacrificed their lives or donated their life savings, they have just decided to create a means for everyone to walk towards a brighter future, together, by going green.



Ecosia is a search engine with a motive to plant trees anywhere and everywhere needed. They claim to have transparent policies and an easy-to-understand business model. Launched in the year 2009 by Christian Kroll, Ecosia donates 80 percent of its ad-profits to non-profit organizations to plant trees.

You just have to search the internet using Ecosia, and they will plant trees. It is one of the easiest and most accessible ways for us to be a part of better nature.

They have planted more than 49 million trees till date and plant one every passing second. On average, one needs to perform 45 searches to plant a tree, pretty easy.


SayTrees is a professionally run group of people determined to protect the environment. They plant trees and sensitize others towards the importance of environment conservation.

This environmental organization came into existence because of the increasing urbanisation in Bangalore, India. It is a professionally run group determined to protect the environment by sensitizing others towards the importance of environment conservation. Goading everyone to participate in tree-plantation campaigns. Originally started as a weekend activity, SayTrees now has more than 50 campaigns running every monsoon season. 


They have an idea that doesn't cross everyone's mind.

Phool sells incense sticks and gift boxes made from flowers offered at the temples or mindlessly thrown in the holy rivers. It is easy to blame the 'big guys,' but we are also at fault here. It is a great company with a great idea that started in 2015 while looking at the 'could be beautiful and clean' Ganga river.


Bakeys makes cutlery that we can eat, yes, Edible Cutlery. They use different types of flours to bake single-use edible spoons, forks, and chopsticks, which can be consumed after their intended use. Plastic only got popular after World War II, as it was the most significant residue along with destruction. Humans lived a good life without plastic, and it is not necessary to make it an integral part of our lifestyle. It is high time that we have cutlery we can eat, and guess what, we do.

Check out Bakeys' kickstarter here

It is easy to feel overwhelmed with ideas and suggestions thrown at us every day. The best way to live a cleaner and more comfortable life are to follow the 5R's of Waste Management:

  • REFUSE what you don't need.
  • REDUCE what you do need.
  • REUSE what you already have.
  • RECYCLE stuff you cannot refuse, reduce, or reuse.
  • ROT the rest.